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Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone

Apr 8, 2019

Paula’s got a brilliant idea for a new cat litter box, but how can she make sure it doesn’t get stolen by Big Litter? Intellection property attorney Michael Cohen (no, not THAT one) is here to explain patent law. And the LA Opera’s Jeremy Frank stops by again, this time to attempt to teach Paula and Adam to sing in harmony. Also, does life really taste better when you do it with Daisy (sour cream)? We put that claim through our rigorous testing process.

Michael Cohen
Intellectual Property Attorney
Owner, Cohen IP Law Group
Facebook: @LATrademark
Twitter: @trademarkpatent

Jeremy Frank
Associate Chorus Master at LA Opera
Part Time Lecturer in the Vocal Arts and Opera Department at USC

House band
Ian Wurfl, percussionist
Instagram: @ianwurfl
YouTube: Ian Wurfl